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2007-08-02 08:14:28 by tomazws

Hi guys!!! It's been quite a while since I last submit a game or anything to NG. Anyway, I just spent a week creating a new layout for my website.... Though, it is very plain right now since it's lagging contents. Hopefully it will get a bit busier and more exciting in the future with more blog entries and games. Check the site out! Let me know what you think! Browse around the site, play some games, submit a comment, help me locate some bugs.. At the mean time, I will continue improving the website and making games :)

Here's the link:

thanks guys!


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2007-08-02 10:30:17

Holy shit, looks like you're joining the Web 2.0 fashion now :).

I remember your site.. that was awesome, all the music loops, the default yellow skin which could be changed into any colour... where the hell have you been!?

tomazws responds:

Been good, have been making websites instead of Flash games instead. When I get more time I'll make more Flash stuff =)


2007-08-07 13:51:51

your site is amazing

tomazws responds:

Thanks man, you got a very nice blog there too!